Nicole Haeusser - Director/Co-Producer

Vedra Mehagian - Producer/ Executive Producer

Christos Moisides - Cinematographer/Producer

Full Credits

Christos Moisides is a producer and cinematographer sharing his time between Los Angeles and Detroit. His film career began in Detroit, Michigan in 1992 serving as a motion picture camera assistant on numerous national spots.

Graduating with a film degree in 1996 from Emerson College in Boston, Christos continued his film career in Los Angeles. While working on such Studio feature films as MINORITY REPORT, XXX and numerous IMAX films, he was elevated in the Independent world to camera operator and director of photography.

He has accumulated an impressive list of productions behind the camera and producing. Christos has shot National and International Commercial Campaigns for companies such as General Motors, Mercedes, Aldo Shoes, MGM Casino, Volkl, KTM as well as music videos for national hip-hop and rock artists.